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Become a smart shopper – Hemp / CBD / Cannabis / Marijuana / Hemp Oil/ Hemp Extract/ Tincture/ CBD Isolate/ THC terms explained!

What is the difference between CBD, Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana / Hemp Oil/ Hemp Extract/ Tincture/ CBD Isolate / THC ?

 With the recent rise in popularity of CBD/Hemp products, everyone and their mothers are coming up with new hemp and CBD products. Most of these brands prey on the misinformation among consumers to sell their products. It doesn’t help that these brands use terms like CBD  isolate, CBD broad spectrum, CBD full spectrum, and hemp broad spectrum, hemp full spectrum, among others on their products, but don’t define exactly what they mean. These terms are confusing, and in my opinion, have been purposefully made to confuse consumers.

Adding to the fire, most people know that Hemp is “kind of related to Marijuana”, which adds to the confusion regarding the legality of any/all of these products.

 My aim in this article is to dispel any misinformation about Cannabis/Hemp/CBD/THC/Marijuana, and hopefully make a guide for you to refer back to every time you come across these terms.

 1) What exactly is Cannabis? And how does it relate to Hemp and Marijuana?

Ans - Cannabis is a family of plants, the most popular of which is Cannabis Sativa. Now Hemp and Marijuana are just different strains of Cannabis Sativa. That is, Hemp and Marijuana are just like different types of apples you find at a grocery store. They’re just different varieties of the same plant.

 Marijuana is the variety you think of as weed/pot/kush. The high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content in this variety makes you “high” and causes psychoactive effects. There are also other beneficial compounds in lower amounts in Marijuana such as CBD (Cannabidiol) and hundreds of others.

 Hemp can be thought of as the “commercial” variety of Cannabis Sativa. It has been used to manufacture high strength fibers, ropes, building materials, plastics, papers, among others for many decades.

Hemp usually has a very low THC content, so you won’t feel “high” or feel any psychoactive effects from eating/using hemp products.

However, Hemp does have very high CBD and other beneficial Cannabinoids, which have many beneficial effects on anxiety, pain, inflammation, gut health, among others. You can find out more about CBD here.

2) I see many “Hemp Extract” products on Amazon and other online retail sites, what exactly is “Hemp Extract”?

 Ans - Hemp extract is exactly what it sounds like, its an Extract from some or all parts (leaves. stems, flowers, seeds, etc)  of the Hemp variety of Cannabis Sativa plants. You should note that ONLY Hemp flowers and leaves contain any appreciable amounts of CBD.

 Watch out forHemp Seed Oil” products. Hemp Seeds contain No CBD, the beneficial Cannabinoid you expect when you buy a hemp product. Hemp seed oil is just like Canola oil…. Great for cooking, but not much else. You won’t get any CBD benefits from Hemp seed oils and extracts.

Unfortunately, most of the Hemp products I have seen on Amazon and other sites are made from “Hemp Seed Oil”. These brands are preying on the consumers’ ignorance about this topic.  Worse, they’re selling this oil at very high prices even though it is not effective.

You can find cans of Hemp Seed Oil alongside Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc., at your local grocery store. Please don’t fall for this trap.

 Some brands simply use the term “Hemp extract, Hemp oil, etc.”. Please check if these products actually contain any CBD in their ingredients.

 Such brands preying on consumers’ ignorance are unethical and should be banned from marketplaces. Such unethical practices really showcase the values of such brands. Please don’t support these brands, and Watch out for them during your next CBD/Hemp purchase.


3)  Alright, so I now know to watch out for “Hemp seed oil”. But I want to make sure the product I buy has an appreciable amount of CBD. How should I check for efficacy and legitimacy oh Hemp and CBD products?

 Ans - Simply check the ingredients list for any mention of CBD/THC, etc. Don’t trust what the brands say on their packaging.


4) What exactly is CBD isolate, CBD Broad Spectrum, and CBD Full Spectrum?

 Ans -

CBD isolate is when the product contains ONLY CBD, concentrated and extracted from Hemp or Marijuana.

 CBD Broad Spectrum is when the product has ALL the Cannabinoids (Including CBD) in a Hemp or Marijuana plant, but NO THC.

 CBD Full Spectrum is when the product has ALL the Cannabinoids (Including CBD and THC), in a Hemp or Marijuana plant.


5) What is the difference between Hemp Broad Spectrum & Hemp Full Spectrum?

 Ans - Hemp Broad spectrum/ Full Spectrum simply means that particular product has extracts from ALL the parts of the Hemp plant, the leaves, flowers, stems, and yes, even Seeds. Again, I would like to remind you to Watch out for “Hemp Seed Oil” products. They are a scam!


6)  Is buying Hemp & CBD products legal?

 Ans - It is kind of tricky to figure out what you can buy legally in the world of Hemp/CBD, especially in the United States. However, there are a few general rules that follow.

 Anything Marijuana derived = Illegal in most states without a prescription, regardless of its THC content. That includes any CBD extracts, CBD Isolate, CBD Full Spectrum, CBD Broad Spectrum, etc. If the product contains any extract from Marijuana, regardless of its THC content, it would most likely be illegal in a majority of the States without prescription at the time of writing of this article.

Anything Hemp derived = Legality depends on the amount of THC level in that specific product. Any Hemp derived product is legal for you to buy without a prescription, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC in it, at the time of this writing. This rule applies to CBD Full Spectrum products too. Even though CBD Full Spectrum products may contain THC, it needs to be at a concentration of less than 0.3%.

 As always, please look into your local County/State laws to determine your eligibility to use both hemp or marijuana-derived products. I am not responsible for any legal consequences arising from the products’ use.


7) Who are you? And why do you know so much about this CBD/Hemp?

 Ans - I am Anmol K, the Founder/Owner/CEO of the brand Dr. Zute’s. I am running it with my Mother Dr.Jay K Zute, who was an Ob/Gyn physician before she retired. I myself am a Biomedical graduate and a Medical Student, on the path to be a licensed Physician in the United States.

I’ve always had an interest in pain management, which led me to add CBD products under my brand. You can check them out here 

 I was as confused as you are when I first entered this industry, It took me a long time to figure out all these terms and definitions. I saw how most Hemp/CBD brands were ripping off their customers, and I felt the need to bring some credibility and honesty to this industry. That’s why I entered the CBD/Hemp industry with my brand Dr. Zute’s. 

 All my products are clearly labeled, ensuring that you will know exactly what you are getting when you buy my products. You will see exactly how much CBD my products have, where the CBD came from (Marijuana or Hemp), and other ingredients that went into the making of my products.

All my products are made in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered facilities, are USDA Certified Organic, and follow GMP Quality of Manufacturing protocols.

In addition, they are made right here in the United States, ensuring their quality and efficacy, and keeping traditionally American jobs like high-quality precision manufacturing in America.

 Many Health Supplement brands outsource their manufacturing to developing countries like Vietnam and India to reduce their expenses but then suffer from inferior products.

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